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Mud-room-laundry-room-combo, mudroom laundry combos are very comfortable and if decorated well, look great. it gives you an opportunity not to take living space for a utility area, that’s a big advantage. even if your mudroom is tiny, it can comprise some necessary elements: a washer, a dryer and some cabinets, shelves and hangers.. Mud and laundry room combo makeover with light gray walls, shiplap, large chalkboard and big folding table., our mud room laundry room combo (this time i love it!) i've been hard at work getting all of the boxes out of this house! i'm focusing on unpacking right now and just getting items in the right rooms. then when every box is unpacked i'll start organizing everything. i'm guessing that will be right on time for the new year..

One room that's starting to become a popular choice? a laundry mudroom combo! i've rounded up 7 that get it right - function meets style in these fabulous designs!, i want a cool, durable, industrial looking flooring that, at most, needs to be sealed once a year. the washer / dryer should be front loading and have a granite or quartz counter top with a great laundry sink, cabinet and room for folding. the room should have six cubbies an as much storage as possible..

Charming white mudroom and laundry room combo boasts a glass paneled door that opens to a red brick floor that perfectly complements white built-in benches topped with gray cushions separated by curved partitions and placed above drawers donning nickel knobs.